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"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life."
- Winston Churchill

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Harry came


harry: hey do u care anymore

louis: not really

both: *fist bump* *go to la together*


hey y’all you know what’s not fucking cool

making jokes about ben winston ~hating zayn because he supports palestine

zayn raising awareness for a cause he believes in is beautiful and there’s absolutely nothing inherently antisemitic about supporting freedom for palestinians, but the idea that…

Anonymous said:
Thank you Zayn for alienating Israel. Thank you for causing infighting between certain groups in our fandom. Thank you for not being grateful enough to thank your fans but uncaring enough to start a war between them. I'm no longer a fan and you don't deserve to be in One Direction. I'm pro peace. #free everyone.


people are dying and you’re worried about clashing opinions within a fan base grow the fuck up 

#yas   #zen   #1d for bls  
Anonymous said:
You're cute when you sleep.


so do youuuu omg 😊 come cuddle come sleep on my lap a bit more!! :’)


harry styles crosses the state line. “idaho,” he reads. “no, you da ho,” he says to himself, laughing as he wonders what the fuck he’s doing in idaho

“He cooks for me — fajitas and tacos. The fajitas are good, they are very good.” - Louis Tomlinson

“…I don’t cook a lot. I suppose I should start really but Harry is so good at cooking I don’t need to.” - Louis Tomlinson

“I do a fantastic plate of tacos, they are a family favourite, or should I say a household favourite. I cook them for Louis quite a lot, he seems to like them so I am taking it as a big compliment, he would definitely say if they weren’t good.” - Harry Styles


Rating: Explicit

Wordcount: 4,273

Warnings: None applied

Summary: For the prompt: “Harry is a trans woman. Louis is asexual. They are happily in love.”

Anonymous said:
Harry's stand makes me think about Louis' one, in the wedding video. Hands on hips and all.








Living breathing mirrors of each other :)

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